Enter the Realm of Enhanced
Control with the Bluetooth
Smart 8 Button Panel

Experience the next level of control with the WS-NA0-02-08W Bluetooth Smart 8 Button Panel, allowing configuration for ON/OFF, intensity, CCT adjustments and scene invoke of luminaries.

Crafted to seamlessly fit into a standard 1-gang wall box, this AC-powered, BLE-enabled wireless switch effortlessly blends convenience and modernity.

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Personalized configuration
via Mobile App

Take command like never before by custom configuring each of the 8 buttons on the WS-NA0-02-08W switch using the intuitive Lumos Controls mobile application, allowing you to configure and manage up to 4 different zones with its 8 buttons.

Multi-function capable:
Beyond ON/OFF

The WS-NA0-02-08W does more than just turn lights on and off. You can increase the intensity by pressing and holding the ON button, while a similar long press on the OFF button decreases the intensity.

Seamless Upgrade: Effortless
Installation for Smart Lighting

Say goodbye to complex installations. This device is designed to fit seamlessly into a standard 1-gang wall box, making it a hassle-free replacement for any single pole wall switch

Merging Style and Function while
Keeping the Elegance in Design

Its compatibility with both designer-style and standard off-the-shelf wall plates allows for effortless integration with your existing decor


Catron A8 - WS-NA0-02-08W
  • Universal AC powered switch
  • 8 buttons for multiple functions
  • BLE based wireless communication
  • 8-Buttons for customizable functions
  • Mounts in any standard wall box
  • LED indications for commissioning and button press
Catron A8 - WS-NA0-02-08W
  • Flexible Control: Manage favourite luminaires, groups or all luminaries with ON/OFF, intensity, and CCT adjustments
  • Scene Activation: Easily invoke scenes
  • Scene Animation Control: Play, pause, stop, and skip between scenes control
  • Dual-function Button: Long-Press ON for Brightness, OFF for Dimming.

Ideal for
Indoor Space Such as


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