A perfect-blend of innovative
technology and expertise.

A complete portfolio of lighting control solutions to
meet a wide range of lighting needs for various applications.

What is our smart control ecosystem

Our smart control ecosystem includes a full range of lighting control devices, smart fixtures, a mobile app, and network monitoring dashboards. Controllers, sensors, switches, and gateways are among the lighting control equipment we offer. Wiring efforts are significantly decreased, allowing you to save more on labor costs, resulting in more competitive bids.

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How Lumos Controls helps you

Simple and
faster installation

Zero complexity that ensures easy installation allowing you to move on to the next project faster than you imagine !

Meet the
tight timelines

Maintain project quality, meet tight deadlines and forget about the growing needs of tomorrow

lighting control portfolio

State-of-art products capable of meeting diverse client requirements. The superior quality solution is easily available.


Adaptable solution perfectly suitable for industrial or commercial applications delivering outstanding results.


Expand in a seamless manner to accommodate rising client demand and shifting industry trends toward more efficient building operations.


Provides high level security for all the information exchanged between cloud, application, and server.

Energy code
compliance & rebates

Ensure standards to protect mandatory building requirements and gain the benefits of energy efficiency and return on investment.


It is capable of meeting the expanding needs of tomorrow since it is open to new possibilities.

Create energy-efficient space and a seamless
lighting experience with our advanced lighting controls!

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