5 Channel PWM Controller 

Precision LED Light Color & Brightness Control

Radiar DP5 is a 5-channel constant voltage dimming module that provides excellent color adjustment performance to adjust the LED light color and brightness.

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Flexible Control Options

You're in charge of creating the perfect lighting environment. Whether you want to control LED strip with 5 independent dimming channels, tunable white control, RGB control or RGBW control Radiar DP5 can seamlessly adapt to your preferences.

Elevate your space with effortless
LED Strip lighting control

Radiar DP5 is perfect for your constant voltage LED strips. Control brightness and color effortlessly and create the lighting affects you desire with ease. Elevate your space with Radiar DP5.

Exceptional color adjustment

Whether you're looking to create the perfect ambience for a cosy evening or need bright, vibrant lighting for a productive workspace, this module has you covered. You can adjust LED light color and brightness with ease to meet your specific needs with a touch.

Meet sustainability goals

The devices ensure energy efficiency by complying with local building regulations, promoting sustainability.

Lighting designed
for well-being

Allows to design a smart lighting network that is in tune with your circadian rhythm.


Carton R8D1
  • Multiple channel configurations for different applications
  • BLE 5.0 based non-flooding intelligent communication
  • With overload protection
  • Zero downtime Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates
Carton R8D1
  • RGB/CCT Control
  • Motion sensor setting
  • Daylight Sensor setting
  • Intensity Control
  • Scheduling
  • Scene Animation and Group Setting

Ideal for
Indoor Space Such as


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