Smart Controls Integration with Building Management System

Do you need to improve operational efficiency of your building? Wish to reduce the energy consumption without compromising occupant comfort and safety? Want to meet sustainability goals with ease? If your answer is YES, you should integrate your building management system with smart lighting controls.

Integrating lighting controls with BMS system is made easy with Lumos Controls!

Go Above and Beyond With Lumos Controls!

Highly Interoperable

Leverages the open and flexible Niagara framework, which can easily integrate with 120+ BMS protocols. When components from diverse manufacturers seamlessly work together, it brings a range of benefits like faster go-to-market, and improved maintainability.

Increased Efficiency

Streamlined maintenance processes, ease of operation, and inter-functionality between building systems guarantee operational efficiency and value maximization of existing infrastructure.

Better Energy and Cost Savings

Reduce the complexity of managing multiple systems and easily collect data from interconnected devices to optimize energy usage and improve building performance.

Occupant Comfort and Better productivity

Insightful reports on occupancy pattern, and device utilization help to implement strategies like human-centric lighting to enhance occupant comfort and productivity.

Enhanced Security

Niagara Framework and Lumos Controls bring in the flexibility to adhere to the IT policies of buildings through its unique edge-computing implementation, ensuring cyber best practices.

Green Building Initiatives

A fully integrated BMS helps building owners and operators to track and optimize energy performance against carbon reduction goals.

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Lumos Controls BMS integration
Need to meet sustainability goals with ease?

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