Easy to understand.
Easy to work with.

Get your job done faster and move on to your next project with confidence.

What is our smart control ecosystem

Our smart control ecosystem comprises a complete portfolio of lighting control devices, control enabled fixtures, mobile app and network monitoring dashboards. Our range of lighting control devices include controllers, sensors, switches and gateways. Wiring efforts are reduced considerably so that you can save more on labor cost translating to more competitive bids.

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How Lumos Controls helps you

Simple and
faster installation

Easy to understand and quick to install. You can move on to the next project super-fast !

Meet the
tight timelines

Deliver exactly what your customers want! Accommodate last-minute changes and meet your tight timelines.

Comprehensive lighting
control portfolio

An extensive product portfolio with reliable components that are easily available.​ You don't have to worry about meeting diverse client requirements!


Remarkably versatile, making perfect fit for a wide range of applications, both industrial and commercial.


Freedom to grow without being hampered. Expand building footprint or add enhanced system functionalities as per your customer’s requirements.


Provides high level security for all the information exchanged between cloud, application, and server.

Energy code
compliance & rebates

Enhance energy performance of the building stock and deliver carbon emission savings with energy code compliances and avail applicable rebates.


Open to all future integrations helping you to extract more value in the future.

Create energy-efficient space and a seamless
lighting experience with our advanced lighting controls!

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