AC Powered Wireless PIR Motion & Light Sensor

Ultimate flexibility
in mounting

Cyrus AP is a PIR motion and daylight sensor that operates on a 90-277VAC input voltage. It uses PIR sensing for accurate motion detection and has swappable lenses for different applications. It can be mounted to the ceiling or surface, with a maximum range of 28m(92ft) and 14m(46ft) height. The sensor is easy to commission, control and connect to Lumos Controls cloud for data analytics and configuration management via mobile device.

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Flexible Mounting Options for Ultimate Convenience

Flexible mounting options like ceiling/surface mounting with adjustable lenses for motion and daylight sensing.

Make the Most of

The sensor optimizes natural light and save energy through different daylight harvesting options such as Open loop, Closed loop and Custom configurations.

Energy Savings
and Safety

Enables occupancy and vacancy sensing using PIR lenses, which can help to reduce energy consumption in buildings. It is particularly suitable for indoor applications such as schools, offices and retail environments.

Lighting Network

This AC-powered motion and daylight sensor meets many requirements of building energy codes and regulations. 

Occupancy sensing
Vacancy sensing
Daylight Harvesting

Better Understanding of Space Utilization

The sensor collects and feed in data that are critical for generating space analytics and occupancy heatmaps.


Cyrus AP
  • Motion and daylight sensor, with adjustable lenses for high-bay and low-bay applications
  • PIR sensor for accurate motion detection
  • Motion detection range up to 28m diameter
Cyrus AP
  • Individual/ group commissioning
  • Safety at device level using 4-digit security code
  • Lighting effect using transition time and transition effect
  • High end trim
  • Automate controls using scenes and schedules
  • Energy reports using device power settings
  • Manual override options
  • Configure devices as beacons

Ideal for
Indoor Space Such as


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