Ldrive 14w

Constant Current Wattage Selectable Tunable LED Driver

Smart and Cost-effective Driver for Smooth Dimming

Ldrive 14W is a controllable, dual-channel constant current LED driver with selectable output current. It operates on a 220-240VAC input voltage range. This high-efficiency driver protects from short circuit, overload, no load, and surge.

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In-built Controller

The best part of this driver is it can vary the intensity and CCT without a separate controller. This means you will save time and money during installation. Everything is taken care of in one neat package!

Smooth dimming

The driver delivers smooth and flicker-free dimming. It also ensures that the lighting in your space looks natural and beautiful, in harmony with your circadian rhythm.

Convenient Solution for
Wireless Retrofitting

Just replace your old driver with this LED driver and experience the benefits of a hassle-free, wireless system.

Less inventory

The driver allows you to choose the output current using DIP switches. This means a single LED driver can be configured to deliver different current levels, depending on the specific needs. It's super convenient and easy to use!


  • Selectable constant LED current through dip switch
  • High efficiency >85% and low THD15%
  • Power factor greater than 0.95
  • Overload, short circuit, no load, and surge protection
  • Individual/ group commissioning
  • Safety at device level using 4-digit security code
  • Lighting effect using transition time and transition effect
  • High end trim
  • Automate controls using scenes and schedules
  • Energy reports using device power settings
  • Manual override options
  • Configure devices as beacons
  • Zero downtime Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates

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Indoor Space Such as


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