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A plug and play solution for you to step into the smart lighting market.

What is our smart control ecosystem

Our smart control ecosystem includes a full range of lighting control devices, controllable fixtures, a mobile app, and network monitoring dashboards. Controllers, sensors, switches, and gateways are among the lighting control equipment we offer. Wiring efforts are significantly decreased. You can make your product portfolio a part of an intelligent lighting network.

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How Lumos Controls helps you

of choice

Multiple integration options to make your luminaire smart. ​Your options are wider with smart LED drivers, wireless controllers, integrated sensors and firmware options.

Super-quick to

Work easily with different driver manufacturers. Compliant with the standard 0-10V, DALI interfaces make it adaptable to changing business needs.


As new products and services are released earlier than expected, you can meet market demands and reap the benefits from increased revenue margins.

Multi-tier security

ISO 27001 certified system that allows comprehensive security at all levels of communication starting from connected devices, applications to cloud infrastructure.

Upscale your

Today your customer wants to integrate drivers, tomorrow it can be sensors or building reports, that shouldn't be your concern. We help you grow in line with your customer needs.

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lighting experience with our advanced lighting controls!

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