How do motion sensors save energy

How do motion sensors save energy?

Motion sensors are a key component in occupancy-based lighting controls. They continuously scan the space for human presence by emitting waves. Once the human presence is detected, they will send a trigger to the lighting control so that the lights can be turned on. 

How does motion sensor save energy?

In more advanced systems, lighting control is done in multiple steps. Once the space is vacant, the light dims to a certain level and continue in that mode (prolong mode) for a pre-set time before going into the standby mode. Multi-level dimming using motion sensors improves lighting experience in commercial and industrial spaces along with energy savings of more than 40%.

It Offers Multi-Level Lighting Control

Sensor technology

PIR (Passive Infrared) and Microwave are two types of sensors that are widely used in smart lighting projects. 

PIR sensor

detects occupancy reliably by sensing heat and movement. They are ideal for compact premises.

Microwave sensors

are sensitive to movement and are ideal for large spaces and areas that have an uneven shape or where fine motion detection is required. They have much greater coverage and higher sensitivity.

Our range of sensors

We offer motion and light sensors. Our range of motion sensors use both microwave technology and PIR technologies to accurately detect motion.  These sensors are designed to function in small, medium to large commercial or industrial spaces. 

See in action

Make lighting work for you. It integrates with motion and ambient lighting sensors to deliver more value to you. 


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