Innovative wireless lighting controllers designed to make lighting energy efficient and human-centric

Radiar D10

0-10V DC Controller

Radiar AD4

0-10V/DALI Controller

Radiar A10

0-10V AC Controller

Radiar AD32

0-10V/DALI Controller

Controllers and Sensors

Controllers with built-in sensing capabilities for creating smart lighting network with effortless ease

Cyrus C

0-10V Fixture Mount Dual Channel Dimming Sensor

Radiar SD10

0-10V Dual Channel Dimming Sensor


Wireless switches for controlling your luminaires conveniently

Catron V

Wireless 5 Button Remote

Catron IV

Battery-Free Wireless Switch


USB-powered device for internet connectivity for your lighting network

Enor U

USB Gateway


Easy-to-integrate system-on-chip for making your LED drivers, luminaires smarter

WIM 1281

Bluetooth-Ready System-on-Chip/Modules

WIM 2480

Bluetooth-Ready System-on-Chip/Modules