Ram Series Driver

Constant Current LED Driver

Smart and Cost-effective Driver for Smooth Dimming

Ram Series Driver is a controllable, dual-channel constant current LED driver. It operates on a 120-277VAC input voltage range. This high-efficiency driver protects from short circuits, overload, no load, and surge.

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In-built Controller

The best part of this driver is it can vary the intensity and CCT without a separate controller. This means you will save time and money during installation. Everything is taken care of in one neat package!

Convenient Solution for
Wireless Retrofitting

Choose from a broad input voltage range, accommodating U-120-277V and H:120-347V, providing flexibility for different electrical systems.

Stable and Flicker-Free

Experience low ripple and noise, flicker-free illumination, creating a comfortable and visually pleasing environment


  • Independent output channels to control intensity and correlated color temperature (CCT)
  • BLE 5.0 based non-flooding intelligent communication15%
  • Auxiliary 12VDC output to power the sensors
  • High efficiency >85% and low THD <15%
  • Short circuit overload and open load protection
  • Low ripple and noisy, flicker free
  • Power factor greater than 0.9
  • Zero downtime Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware update
  • Individual/ group commissioning
  • Lighting effect using transition time and transition effect
  • High end trim
  • Automate controls using scenes and schedules
  • Energy reports using device power settings

Ideal for
Indoor Space Such as


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