How can automated Lighting Controls make a manufacturing facility smarter and energy efficient?

Lighting controls help meet energy codes and sustainability goals, resulting in better energy savings, occupancy comfort and convenience.


Improved the lighting efficiency of a 150,000 sq.ft warehouse with more than 900 lighting devices.

Automated lighting controls for wellbeing, and energy efficiency. 

EBARA Corporation, California’s leading environmental and industrial machinery manufacturer contacted WiSilica to upgrade 150,000 sq. ft facility. WiSilica introduced automatic lighting controls making it smart, human-centric, and energy-efficient.

The result 

  • 60% energy savings 
  • Remote lighting controls 
  • Implemented lighting control strategies 
  • Web dashboard with heat-map and Occupancy status 
  • Meet sustainability goals 
Need  to know how we helped Ebara to reduce 60% of energy bills in detail? 

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