Single Channel Dimming PIR Motion Sensor


Smart Sensor for Modern
Lighting Control

PSC-BL-I-FM-DC0-BLE-WS is a compact, 12-24VDC powered sensor with low bay PIR motion detection. With an easy installation process, it offers 0-10V dimming control and supports UART interface, making it ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications.

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Enhanced PIR Detection
with Flexible Installation

Utilizes PIR technology for enhanced detection coverage, suitable for ceiling or fixture mounts up to 40 ft high. This compact and adaptable device conveniently fits inside the lighting fixture cavity, providing more lighting design options.

Meets Building Energy Codes

Designed to comply with various building energy codes and regulations, including CA Title 24. Ideal for efficient energy management in exterior and parking entrance applications.

Seamless Cloud Connectivity
and Simple Control

easy through the mobile app, offering advanced sensor adjustments beyond analog controls. Adjust parameters such as time delay, dim level, and sensitivity through a user-friendly interface for precise control.

Space Utilization Insights

Provides critical data for space analytics and occupancy heatmaps, helping to optimize building utilization.


Single Channel Dimming PIR Motion Sensor
  • Low bay PIR sensor for accurate motion detection
  • 0-10V output channel for dimming control
  • Compact form factor with easy fixture mount design
  • Motion detection range up to 80ft diameter
  • Maximum mounting height up to 40ft
Single Channel Dimming PIR Motion Sensor
  • Individual/group commissioning
  • Safety at device level using 4-digit security code
  • Lighting effect using transition time and transition effect
  • High end trim
  • Automate controls using scenes and schedules
  • Energy reports using device power settings
  • Manual override options
  • Configure devices as beacons

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Indoor Space Such as


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