SCU Wall Remote

self-powered Smart Panel 

Transform your lighting experience with self-powered smart panel

SCU Wall Remote is a self-powered wireless smart panel designed to revolutionize the way you interact with your lighting network. It comes in 2 designs.

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Connectivity and Control

Powered by innovative energy harvesting technology, this device can be configured, commissioned, and controlled from any mobile device quickly and can be connected to the Lumos Controls cloud for data analytics.

Limitless Lighting Control

No longer fumble with multiple switches. Easily adjust brightness, and control color temperature individually or in groups

Self-Powered, Wireless,
and Maintenance-Free

This self-powered and wireless lighting control device requires zero maintenance, making it cost-effective, reliable and durable

Effortless Lighting Configuration

Say goodbye to the hassle of running control wires to your fixtures. SCU Wall Remote can be easily mounted on a table, providing a stylish and convenient control centre for your lighting system


Carton R8D1
  • Built-in energy harvesting mode
  • Four configurable buttons. Can configure and control ON/OFF, Intensity, CCT and Scene etc.
  • BLE 4.2 communication
  • QR code scanning for easy pairing
Carton R8D1
  • On-Off Control
  • Intensity Control
  • Scene Animation and Group Setting

Ideal for
Indoor Space Such as


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