Safer Buildings With Hassle-free Maintenance

Meet occupant safety requirements in buildings and save on operational expenses with self-testing emergency lighting system

The User-centered Smart Emergency Lighting

Are you worried about the installation time and maintenance cost of emergency lighting system? Are manual testing and unreliable reports bothering you?

Lumos Controls has designed an intelligent emergency system to overcome these shortcomings. The system is easy to monitor and manage ensuring occupant safety through automated testing and remote operation. It seamlessly works with any DALI emergency compliant lights, and significantly save time, money and resources.

Lumos Controls Smart Emergency System : Simple, Error-free and Reliable!

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DALI compliance gives you the freedom to choose the manufacturer. Faster time-to-market, seamless system maintenance, and affordable implementation cost is guaranteed.

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Reliability, Safety
and Efficiency

Automated testing, centralized monitoring, and proactive maintenance will keep your smart emergency safe and fully functional.

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Easy Mandatory

Automated testing ensures that the emergency system is always up and running, allowing you to always comply with the law.

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Save Time, Money,
and Resources

Real-time reporting gives you a detailed insight into your system and help you take adequate measures for maintenance when needed.

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Energy Savings

Easily integrate with other building systems through building protocols, allowing you to automate and streamline energy consumption. 

Want to make a smart building prepared for emergencies?

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