Compact Multi-purpose Module 

Compact Multi-purpose Module
for Smarter and Convenient
Lighting Network

The compact-sized BLE 5.0 module, designed for intelligent wireless controls, enables ultra-low power connectivity and provides considerable design flexibility to the engineers. WIM1481, with options for an external or a chip antenna, also has 14 general purpose IO pins including, 6 PWM, ADC, I2C, UART, and SPI.

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Designed for Smarter and
Convenient Lighting Network

This module, which is easy to integrate, creates smarter and more manageable lighting network.

A smarter Interface

Lighting automation is made easy and simple with a wide range of 18 general purpose IO pins including 6 PWM, I2C, ADC, UART, and SPI.

Stay connected

Dual antenna option i.e., External and Chip ensures network connectivity making your lighting network remain connected always.


Senor E
  • Tx output power upto +10dBM
  • 14 programmable GPIO and 6 PWM Channels
  • -96dBm RX Sensitivity
  • Antenna frequency range 2.4GHz-2.5GHz
Senor E
  • Individual/group commissioning
  • Lighting effect using transition time and transition effect
  • High end trim
  • Automate controls using scenes and schedules
  • Energy reports using device power settings
  • Manual override options
  • Configure devices as beacons

Ideal for
Indoor Space Such as

Conference room
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