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Lumos Controls uniquely combines controllers, sensors, switches, internet gateways, lighting control app and lighting cloud. The devices talk to each other over a wireless network to make any smart lighting possibility a reality.

Go wireless for values beyond illumination

Usher in comfort, convenience and experience lighting smartness like never before.


go wireless
Wireless control
Manual control

Automate lighting

automate lighting experience
automate lighting experience
Time Scheduling
Occupancy Sensing
Daylight Harvesting


Space Management
Energy Monitoring
Device Usage
Emergency Monitoring
Health Monitoring


green building
Building Management
System Integration
Automated Demand
Environment Sensors
lighting controls app

Simple to use and easy to work with lighting control devices

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lighting controls app

Control, configure and commission effortlessly with easy to use Lumos Controls App

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lighting controls app

Get a 360 degree view on lighting networks with insightful reports

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