Meet us at LFI to see Lumos Controls in action

Venue: Westhall, Smart Pavilion

Booth number: 1773

Date: June 21 - 23, 2022

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Vivek Pramod, SVP & GM - Smart Controls

Easy to understand &
easier to work with

Set and forget

A simple, smart lighting solution that you can set and forget. Set up basic to advanced smart controls in a breeze.

Save time money
and resources

Lumos Controls is a wireless solution that helps save more than 50% of installation time and labor cost. You can easily commission the lighting control system through our intuitive mobile app in minutes.

Effortless code

Meet regional and state-level building energy codes and standards like IECC, Title 24, and ASHRAE with ease. Qualify for utility rebates and maximize ROI on lighting investment.

Be in control of
building data

Lumos Controls generates intuitive reports that will help understand energy utilization, occupancy patterns, emergency monitoring and device usage better.

Green building

Accelerate green building and ESG initiatives through energy-efficient lighting. With Lumos Controls, you can go one step further towards carbon neutrality. 

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Lumos Controls

Built on top of an IoT platform, Lumos Controls uniquely combines lighting controllers, sensors, switches, gateways, lighting control app, reports, and an analytics suite to create a complete lighting control ecosystem. It is an end-to-end solution designed to support customers at every stage of their smart lighting journey, starting from unlocking the potential of wireless controls to helping them meet carbon neutrality commitments.


Innovative wireless lighting controllers designed to make lighting energy efficient and human-centric


Sensors with built-in controlling capabilities for creating smart lighting network with effortless ease

Wireless switches
Wireless switches

Wireless switches for controlling your luminaires conveniently


Devices with Real time clock for uninterrupted internet connectivity for your lighting network.

Lighting control apps
Lighting Control APP

Interactive lighting control app for swift controlling of your lighting network


Get a 360-degree view of your lighting network with comprehensive reports via web application

Meet us at LFI to see the world's most simplest lighting controls in action.

Venue: Westhall, Smart Pavilion
Booth number: 1773
Date: June 21 - 23, 2022

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