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Your business has unique lighting needs that often grow with it. Lumos Controls has every element for you to easily set up basic to advanced smart controls. The choice is absolutely yours.

That’s not all! You have the power to decide what lighting should do in the future too.

Go wireless
Automate lighting experiences
03 Grow seamless

Never settle for less when you can do more with lighting

Lighting control simplified

Simple connected smart-lighting controls that you can set and forget! Redefine experience and improve productivity like never before

Save time, money and resources

Save more on your energy bills, avail rebates, reduce labor cost, and reduce installation time

Effortless code compliance

Make you easily comply with building energy codes and standards

Be in control of your building data

Generate intuitive reports for you to understand energy utilization, occupancy patterns and device usage

Green building initiatives

Giving life to your Green building and ESG initiatives through lighting

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Understand your building better and build an ecosystem that is optimized to meet your goals.

Easy to specify lighting control ecosystem that offers everything you need to successfully complete your smart lighting projects.

Easy to understand lighting control ecosystem that’s simple to install and manage.

Make your luminaires smart and create more business values.

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