What makes it unique?

Simple but

Retrofit Kit with integrated controls helps you grow your lighting network while keeping your lighting investment future-proof.

Cut down installation
time by more than 50%

Forget about independently combining light source, driver, and controllers onto a single fixture. Connect the power wires and kickstart your smart lighting journey.

Save more than
60% energy

Don't just stop at energy saving that LEDs offer. Garnier greater savings through advanced control strategies.

50,000 hours
longer life

Your LEDs runs longer which means you don't need to replace your LED every now and then.

Looking for technical specifications?

Ideal solution for various commercial applications

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to Lumos Controls

Lumos Controls Retrofit Troffer is a part of our lighting controls ecosystem. It is your first step towards lighting smartness. You have the freedom to decide what you want from lighting.

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Retrofit Kit is designed to maximize your returns on lighting investment. Want to know how?

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