Catron R8D1

Wireless Rotary Smart Remote 

Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity with personalized control

Catron R8D1 is a a rechargeable lithium battery powered rotary remote with its built-in Bluetooth module, the seamlessly connects to other devices in the Lumos Controls mesh network.

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Customization at
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Elevate your lighting with our Rotary Switch—configurable 4 button and a precision rotary dial for a personalized, one-click lighting experience that can quickly help you configure scenes, groups and favourite luminaire operations.

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Say goodbye to the hassle of running control wires to your fixtures. The S5 Rotary Remote can be easily mounted on a table, providing a stylish and convenient control centre for your lighting system.

A single switch for your
entire network of lights!

Don’t worry about the hassle of managing multiple switches. Experience the ultimate convenience of effortlessly controlling an entire network of lights with just one switch.


Carton R8D1
  • Configurable buttons and rotary dial
  • Distributed network communication based on BLE 5.2
  • Powered by rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Low-resistance knob for smooth operation
  • ABS panel on metal frame and base
  • Backlighting for buttons
Carton R8D1
  • Provision for custom configuration of rocker points using Lumos Controls Mobile App
  • Custom Configuration of Groups, Scene and Scene Animation

Ideal for
Indoor Space Such as


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