MANDO's Artistic Journey

A Blend of Art and Innovation

Embark on a journey where art comes to life with MANDO, crafted in collaboration with renowned visual artist Mr. Antonio Sevilla. Hailing from Europe, Antonio infuses his creative vision into every aspect of MANDO's design.

In a world where uniformity reigns, MANDO breathes life into the realm of smart technology, reimagining the intersection of art and innovation with luxury. With MANDO, experience a seamless fusion of intricate beauty and a harmonious interaction that invites you to explore the artistry behind every function.

When minimalism becomes sameness, creativity fades. Scientific and technological innovation often fail to bring us spiritual satisfaction and joy. From the perspective of art and humanities, MANDO reconstructs the expressions of cutting-edge technologies, making them vivid and full of aesthetic appeal and inspiration.
Combining the beauty of art with advanced IoT technology, MANDO offers a unique aesthetic appeal while ensuring an elegant and comfortable user experience.

This is what we call




Two distinct Mando Versions

Radiar ard32
Radiar ard32

Personalized Control at Your Fingertips

Experience the convenience of Mando's configurable 4-button and dual rotary dial, allowing for personalized multi-level control functions. With the wireless Rotary remote, easily configure scenes, groups, and favorite luminaire operations to suit your desires.

Elevate your control even further by pairing the device with the Lumos Controls app, effortlessly configuring functions according to your specific needs and preferences.

World's First Bluetooth Dual OS

No more hassle of running control wires to your fixtures. Our Mando offers two
convenient configuration options

Mando AI Configuration

Enjoy hassle-free setup directly within the Rotary Remote itself, with no need for extensive setups in apps.

App Configuration

For larger setups requiring more devices and centralized control, easily configure your Rotary Remote through our user-friendly app. Gain greater control and flexibility with just a few simple taps.

Additional Features

Omni TED
  • Configurable buttons and rotary dial
  • Distributed network communication based on BLE 5.2
  • Powered by rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Low-resistance knob for smooth operation
  • Low-resistance knob for smooth operation
  • ABS panel on metal frame and base
  • Backlighting for buttons
Omni TED
  • Provision for custom configuration of rocker points using Lumos Controls Mobile App
  • Custom Configuration of Groups, Scene and Scene Animation

Ideal for
Indoor Space Such as


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