May 23 - 25, 2023 Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York

Meet us at LFI to see the world's most simplest lighting controls in action.

Venue: Jacob Javits Convention Center
Booth number: 2464
Date: May 23 - 25, 2023
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Vivek Pramod, SVP & GM - Smart Controls

Shortest Path to
Out of The Box Smartness

Smart Made

Lumos Controls opens up multiple possibilities to make a luminaire smart. You will have wider options with smart lighting drivers, wireless controllers, integrated sensors, and firmware. Effortlessly make your line of existing 0-10V, DALI fixtures smarter.

Faster Time to

Lumos controls provides you with readily integrable and pre-certified solutions that minimizes your time to market.

Effortless Code

Meeting regional and state level building energy codes and standards like IECC, Title 24 and ASHRAE is on the rise. Lumos Controls helps your customers to comply with code compliant lighting network.

Grow Seamlessly
With Building Data

Be a part of the larger ecosystem that combines hardware and software to opens possibilities to the better usage of building data to understand energy consumption, device usage and occupancy pattern.

Expand Beyond

Lumos Controls allows you to expand beyond lighting control by adding value-added services such as location-based services, BMS, and Emergency lighting into your lighting control system


Lumos Controls ecosystem is designed to grow alongside your customers' needs. They're flexible enough to accommodate current requirements and leave room for future possibilities.

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Lumos Controls

Our lighting control ecosystem is an end-to-end solution for every step of your smart lighting journey: starting with a simple switch and controller while gaining more benefits through automation. This ecosystem gradually contributes to green building and ESG initiatives through savings on resources, time, and money. And you can even use the same lighting infrastructure for location-based and other value-added services.


Innovative wireless lighting controllers designed to make lighting energy efficient and human-centric


Sensors with built-in controlling capabilities for creating smart lighting network with effortless ease

Wireless Switches

Wireless switches for controlling your luminaires conveniently


Devices with Real time clock for uninterrupted internet connectivity for your lighting network.

Lighting Control App

Interactive lighting control app for swift controlling of your lighting network


Get a 360-degree view of your lighting network with comprehensive reports via web application

Lumos Controls
Value Added Solutions

Emergency Lighting

Our user-centered smart emergency system is easy to monitor and manage. The system ensures occupant safety through automated testing and remote operation. We provide emergency lighting on 0-10V as well on DALI as per requirement.

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Management System

Integrating lighting controls with the BMS system is made easy with Lumos Controls! Lumos Controls uses Niagra framework that helps integrate with almost all popular BMS protocols.

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Based Services

Lumos Controls' RTLS solutions provide businesses with a robust tracking tool to enhance safety, efficiency, and the overall user experience. With advanced technology and software, companies can stay ahead of the competition and optimize their operations.

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Lumos Controls
Smart lighting Journey

Lumos Controls smart lighting Journey

Meet us at LFI to see the world's most simplest lighting controls in action

Venue: Smart Pavilion, Jacob Javits Convention Center
Booth number: 2464
Date: May 23 - 25, 2023
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