Enhancing Zica Monastery: Lighting Upgrades Without Structural Changes


Zica Monastery in Kraljevo, Serbia, is a precious historical and spiritual landmark with roots dating back to the early 13th century. The monastery was built by the first King of Serbia, Stefan the First-crowned and the first Head of the Serbian Church, Saint Sava.

Despite its illustrious past, the monastery faced a pressing issue – an outdated lighting system that no longer did justice to its exquisite architectural details and sacred artwork. The need for a lighting upgrade became evident, as the existing system failed to provide the necessary illumination to create a warm, inviting, and spiritually enhancing atmosphere within the church.


The main objectives of the lighting upgrade project were to improve aesthetic appeal, and functionality, while creating a spiritual atmosphere. Preservation of the monastery’s historical significance was paramount. Lumos Controls, in collaboration with our Serbian representative, Devotee, took on this project with these goals in mind.


One of the most significant challenges we faced in this project was to make the church visually appealing without making any structural changes to the monastery. Zica Monastery is a historical gem, and preserving its original structure was a top priority. 

Another challenge was to display the artwork in its “best light”.  The church features detailed artwork that deserved to be showcased in all its glory. It was important to strike a balance between showcasing this artwork and maintaining the serene ambiance required for spiritual reflection. 


The solution we implemented to address the objectives and challenges was centered around our core product, the Radiar AD32. This advanced DALI controller, in combination with specially designed iGuzzini Palco Spotlights and Devotee Top Spotlights, played a pivotal role in transforming the lighting system at Zica Monastery. 

One key aspect of our solution was introducing digital dimming through the Radiar AD32. This innovation allowed us to precisely adjust the light intensity to meet the specific demands of different areas within the church. For the meditation areas, we achieved a low-intensity, diffused lighting, creating a calming and peaceful environment conducive to deep reflection. In contrast, the community areas were illuminated to provide ambient lighting, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings and prayers. 

The Radiar AD32, serving as the central component of our solution, not only impressed with its effectiveness but also with its ease of implementation. It required minimal wiring and provided straightforward connectivity to the WiSilica cloud for data analytics and configuration. 

Our solution didn’t just make Zica Monastery look better – and we didn’t have to mess with the building’s structure at all. We also brought in a whole new level of control and flexibility for their lighting system. Imagine using a simple mobile app to group the lights in different ways, creating amazing scenes that truly brought the artwork to life.


The outcome? Zica Monastery now shines in all its glory without altering its structure. The Radiar AD32 and custom spotlights beautifully lit up the artwork. Different spaces within the monastery now enjoy lighting tailored to their unique needs. With an easy-to-use app, we added a modern twist to this historical gem, preserving its charm. The project achieved its goals, enhancing both spirituality and history.

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