AI-Based Video Analytics

Paving Way to Smarter Occupancy Sensing, Improved Energy Savings & Better Occupant Experience!

A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study states occupancy-based strategies result in 24% of energy savings. While standard occupancy sensing technologies like Passive Infrared (PIR), High Frequency (HF), or Ultrasonic are promising, they are prone to false motion detection. Lumos Controls has introduced AI-based video analytics to the ecosystem to make occupancy detection accurate beyond the imagination.

Fool-proof Motion Detection

Lumos Controls Ecosystem uniquely combines AI-based image processing with lighting control technology to accurately detect human presence. Real-time video input received from a camera is processed by an edge device that triggers the lighting control application once the human presence is detected. The technology can either be implemented using the existing surveillance infrastructure of a building or by using specific standalone cameras.

Do More with Lumos Controls Ecosystem

Lumos Controls, an intelligent lighting control ecosystem powered by WiSilica’s IoT platform(Arixa), combines controllers, sensors, switches, gateways, mobile application, and intelligent cloud to build future-ready lighting networks. It is designed to deliver endless smart lighting possibilities, right from advanced energy savings to green building.

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