Shanghai’s Chapter: The Blend of Efficiency and Ambience


Chapter, a captivating multi-functional establishment nestled on Taojiang Road in Shanghai. This unique space seamlessly combines a delightful coffee shop, a stylish make-up studio, and an artistic hub, inviting visitors to embark on a journey of sensory delights and creative inspiration. Café Chapter stands out as a place where the art of coffee, beauty transformations, and captivating exhibitions intertwine, offering an extraordinary experience like no other.

Why Lumos Controls?

Chapter chose Lumos Controls for their lighting solution due to their extensive experience in control design and implementation. Lumos Controls offered competitive pricing, quick response times, and a diverse range of hardware options, providing Chapter with the confidence to achieve their desired lighting outcomes.


The objective of Chapter was to create an enchanting and visually captivating experience for visitors. The primary objective was to find a lighting solution that could effortlessly adjust colors, control LED brightness, and deliver fascinating lighting animations. Automation and the ability to dim and tune the lighting were also key considerations, all while prioritizing energy efficiency. Furthermore, the solution needed to offer convenient monitoring and control via mobile devices. By integrating these cutting-edge features, Chapter aimed to not only provide captivating visual experiences but also contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing environmental impact. 


In a city renowned for its multitude of coffee shops, one of the challenges faced by Chapter was to create a distinct identity by implementing effective lighting solutions, enchanting a larger audience. As the establishment served multiple functions, including a makeup studio and art gallery, maintaining a harmonious ambiance proved challenging. This involved adjusting the lighting levels and color schemes to suit the unique requirements of each area. Additionally, controlling the lights to enhance the delicate beauty of artistic displays while ensuring a visually pleasing environment added another layer of complexity to the project. 


Lumos Controls provided a comprehensive wireless lighting control solution for Chapter, consisting of three key components. The centerpiece of the solution was the Radiar DP5, 5 Channel PWM Controller, that offered constant voltage dimming module with excellent color adjustment performance. It seamlessly controlled different flexible light strips, enabling the creation of an aesthetic ambiance with automated control. 

The second component was Smart LED drivers, offering controllable, dual-channel constant current LED features with selectable output current. Operating on a 220-240VAC input voltage range, these high-efficiency drivers protected against short circuits, overloads, no-load conditions, and surges. They were utilized to manage the track lights and sky lights in Chapter, ensuring optimal lighting conditions. 

To top it off, Chapter seamlessly incorporated the AC Switch, SCU PANEL 220AC 8 RP, a Bluetooth Smart 8 Button Panel. They chose this switch for its elegant design and its ability to provide convenient control over lighting brightness, color temperature, and scenes. As part of the Lumos ecosystem, it facilitated easy commissioning, configuration, and control from any mobile device, offering a seamless and user-friendly lighting control experience. And with Lumos Controls’ Scene Animation feature, smooth transitions between scenes added an extra touch of magic, enhancing the enchanting atmosphere of Chapter to new heights.


The Lumos Controls installation at Chapter yielded incredible results! The team efficiently implemented the light control solutions in a swift timeframe of just 2 days. The mesmerizing blend of animations and spatial scenes created an enchanting lighting mode that truly captivated visitors. With convenient operation and intelligent control scenes, the atmosphere resembled a professional studio, making it the perfect backdrop for promoting the store and providing an extraordinary spatial experience. And that’s not all! The implemented solutions also led to significant energy savings, showcasing Chapter’s commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

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