Smart Lighting for Safer Spaces: Lighting Automation at Shotgun Willie’s


Shotgun Willie’s, established in 1982, stands as Denver metro’s premier gentleman’s club, with a large space of about 10,000 sq. ft. Situated in Denver, Colorado, it serves a wide range of customers looking for entertainment and relaxation.

Rocky Mountain Lighting

When Shotgun Willie’s aimed to enhance the visibility and safety of its parking area, Rocky Mountain Lighting, our lighting representative based in Lakewood, Colorado, recommended us due to our expertise in lighting automation and scheduling.


The main goal for Shotgun Willie’s was to enhance customer safety and satisfaction by improving the visibility of their parking area, especially during the night. Additionally, they aimed to use luminaire automation to increase visibility and reduce energy costs simultaneously.  


The challenge lies in balancing the need for heightened visibility in the parking area to enhance the safety and satisfaction of customers while managing the potential increase in electricity bills due to high-wattage floodlights. Reducing energy consumption without compromising lighting quality was crucial.


Lumos Controls introduced a comprehensive solution for Shotgun Willie’s needs. The implementation included:

  • Radiar A10: This 2-channel AC powered controller facilitated the creation of lighting schedules. It adjusted light intensity—25% at sunset, 50% in late evenings, and 100% at night—ensuring optimal visibility while curbing electricity consumption.
  • EDRPB: A self-powered universal energy harvesting wireless 4-button switch provided convenient control over luminaires. It allowed for ON/OFF, dimming, and tuning functionalities.
  • Enor U: This BLE-WiFi Gateway enabled cloud connectivity for the smart lighting network, ensuring uninterrupted scheduling even during power outages.


We finished the project in under 24 hours—super quick! The improved lighting made a big difference for Shotgun Willie’s customers, making things much safer and easier to see. That made everyone happier! This upgrade helped the club move closer to its sustainability goals by cutting down on energy use. And don’t worry about the weather; we made sure the controllers were placed in weather-proof boxes, keeping everything working perfectly outdoors.

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