Smart Lighting Solutions at Cherryhill Village Mall – A Retrofit Case Study

Retail Mall Lighting retrofit project done by Lumos Controls


Cherryhill Village Mall is a friendly and convenient community shopping centre located in the heart of North Western London. Being between Wharncliffe Road and Wonderland Road, this vibrant mall caters to shoppers of all ages and life stages. Whether visitors are seeking everyday essentials or shopping for special events, Cherryhill Village Mall offers a diverse array of stores and amenities to meet their needs. With a need for retrofitting their lighting system to enhance energy efficiency and operational functionality, Cherryhill Village Mall approached Lumos Controls through the specifier, Spenergy. Together, we teamed up to complete this project, ensuring a seamless integration of smart lighting solutions to enhance the shopping experience for all visitors.


The client, Cherryhill Village Mall, wanted to enhance its lighting system with smart controls to optimize energy usage and streamline operations.  Their main focus was on implementing centralized control of lights, enabling grouping functionalities, and automating lighting schedules to align perfectly with mall timings. This encompassed the entire upgrade process, from installation to management, ensuring ease of use and efficiency in day-to-day operations. By addressing these objectives, Cherryhill Village Mall aimed to not only improve the shopping experience for their visitors but also enhance operational efficiency for their internal team.


Lumos Controls encountered several challenges in achieving Cherryhill Village Mall’s objectives. These included integrating new technology seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with diverse lighting fixtures, and meeting tight deadlines without disrupting mall operations.


Lumos Controls devised tailored solutions to address Cherryhill Village Mall’s unique requirements:

  • Radiar AF10 (AC-Powered Fixture Controller):

The Radiar AF10, with its 2-channel AC-powered 0-10V fixture controller and inbuilt relay, served as the cornerstone for centralized control of lighting fixtures. This solution facilitated easy management of lighting groups and automation via the desktop application, perfectly aligning with the client’s objective of centralized control.

Additionally, the integration with Lumos Controls’ mobile app enhanced the effectiveness of remote control. With configurations and control accessible through the mobile app, the client gained flexibility and convenience in managing their entire fixtures from anywhere, anytime.

  • Radiar AR10 (Dimming/Tunable Fixture Controller):

The Radiar AR10, a dual-channel dimming/tunable AC fixture controller, is seamlessly integrated into electrical junction boxes. This solution facilitated precise dimming and tuning of lights, enhancing the mall’s ambience while meeting the client’s requirement for flexible lighting control.

  • Enor E (BLE-WiFi Gateway with RTC):

The Enor E, a BLE-WiFi gateway with an RTC (Real-Time Clock), provided cloud connectivity to the smart lighting network. With its RTC feature, the gateway ensured accurate timekeeping even without cloud connectivity or during power outages, enabling seamless automation of lighting schedules as per mall timings.


The implementation of Lumos Controls’ solutions resulted in a successful lighting retrofitting at Cherryhill Village Mall. The mall now enjoys the benefits of smart centralized control of lights and automation, enhancing the shopping experience for visitors while optimizing energy usage. Throughout the entire implementation project, Lumos Controls’ implementation team provided invaluable support, making the installation process easy and seamless for the client. With streamlined operations and improved ambience, Cherryhill Village Mall continues to shine as a premier shopping destination in London, Canada.

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