DALI Part 252: Unlocking the Power of Energy Reporting 

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The world is facing an energy crisis due to the inefficient energy usage. Have you ever thought about how much energy we waste in our buildings? Surprisingly, lighting is one of the biggest consumers of energy. It is estimated that we waste as much as one third of the energy in our buildings on lighting alone. With energy prices skyrocketing, it’s more important than ever to be conscious of our energy consumption. As the new sustainability reporting requirements coming up in 2023, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of our energy usage.  

The good news is that building communities are starting to understand the importance of energy savings and taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. That’s where architects and contractors come in, by designing and building energy-efficient structures. With the help of innovative technologies, they can reduce energy wastage, and contribute to a greener future. Not only does it result in sustainability, but it also creates a more cost-effective and comfortable space. 

And this is where DALI Part 252 gains significance.      

What is DALI Part 252-Energy Reporting?

DALI- Part 252 refers to the energy data that is reported by an LED driver. This data includes information on active energy or power, apparent energy or power, and load-side energy or power. This information can be used to monitor the energy usage of lighting systems and to make adjustments to improve energy efficiency. By utilizing Energy Data (Part 252), it is possible to make informed decisions about energy consumption, which can help reduce costs and minimise environmental impact.

DALI PArt 252
DALI Part 252 explanation

What is the Importance of Energy Reporting? 

Energy reporting is a valuable tool for organizations that are committed to sustainability and energy efficiency. By providing real-time information on energy consumption, it helps organizations make informed decisions and achieve their sustainability goals. 

How does Lumos Controls work with DALI Part 252 supported drivers? 

DALI Part 252 defines the performance and energy consumption data that a DALI-2 control device must provide.  

For ex: Since Lumos Controls is a highly interoperable networked lighting control solution, you can connect it with any DALI driver that supports part 252 which can provide energy data.   The comprehensive reports from Lumos Controls give you granular level data allowing you to easily identify which floor, zone, group, or device is consuming more energy. This report helps you to understand the preferences and consumption patterns of occupants. By leveraging these analytics, you can take a proactive approach to energy management and create a more sustainable future. 

In Conclusion,  

Now as we have discussed DALI Part 252 in detail, you might have understood how harnessing the power of energy reporting is a wise choice to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. With real-time energy reports you can have a detailed picture of energy usage and that will help you take necessary steps to optimize energy usage and make a positive impact on the environment?  Need to start your journey towards a greener future with energy analytics. 

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