Demand Response using OpenADR

Demand response is an electricity tariff or program established to motivate conservation of electricity by end customers. It is designed to induce lower electricity use, typically at times of high consumption or when grid reliability is at risk.

What are the key benefits of implementing Automated Demand Response?

How do we implement it?

Lumos Controls achieves this capability by integrating with an OpenADR gateway certified by the OpenADR alliance. OpenADR is an open and highly secure, two-way information exchange model and a smart grid standard.

Once set up, users can subscribe to the various OpenADR programs that their chosen utility company provides and save money while contributing to creating a well-balanced electricity grid.

Some of the common programs include:

Lumos Controls can perform any of the following actions based on various OpenADR events in the programs that the user has subscribed to:

How Lumos Controls OpenADR implementation works?

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