Ford Design Center Retrofitting Renovations


Revamping the Ford Design Centre in Shanghai represents a pivotal stride in Ford Motors’ commitment to enhancing its local design influence within the burgeoning Chinese market. In their pursuit of elevating the showroom’s ambiance, Ford sought out the expertise of Youth Group. In response, Youth Group recommended Lumos Controls as the illuminating solution to illuminate this transformative journey.


Enhanced Aesthetics: To create an immersive and visually appealing showroom experience that accentuates the unique features of each car model through customized lighting settings. 

Remote Accessibility: To enable remote control and management of the showroom lighting system, allowing for real-time adjustments and energy efficiency. 

Customizable Light Intensity: To provide the capability to adjust light intensity for individual cars, enhancing their visibility and appeal. 

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) Variations: To offer the flexibility to change CCT settings, tailoring the lighting to suit the specific mood or ambiance desired for each vehicle. They wanted 8 different CCT setting for their showroom. 


The installation posed a significant challenge due to the integration of various control systems, including the PWM5 controller, 0-10V controls, and DALI control. Complicating matters further, the presence of numerous metal frames within the ceiling complicated the installation and wiring procedures. 

Additionally, there was no existing internet connection on the premises, which was a crucial requirement for enabling device communication during the installation and commissioning process. 


Ford initially approached Youth Group for the lighting system upgrade, who recommended Lumos Controls as the ideal solution for the project.  

Lumos Controls suggested the following solutions to transform Ford’s lighting system.  

5-channel PWM Controller: We recommended Radiar DP5 (5-channel PWM controller) for manual and automated LED light colour and brightness control for exceptional colour adjustment performance. This device allowed Ford to create 8 different scene variations. It also allowed them to monitor and control the device through mobile devices or cloud platforms.  

PIR sensor: The PIR sensor allows precise control over light intensity, creating various light scenarios. 


he Ford Design Center renovation in Shanghai, in partnership with Youth Group and Lumos Controls, achieved exceptional outcomes: 

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Customized lighting settings accentuate each car model’s unique features, creating an immersive and visually appealing showroom experience. 
  • Remote Accessibility: Real-time control and energy efficiency are now possible, improving showroom adaptability. 
  • Customizable Light Intensity: Individual car lighting adjustments ensure vehicles stand out. 
  • CCT Variations: Eight CCT settings allow tailored mood and ambiance for each vehicle. 

Challenges of integrating various control systems and metal frames were expertly addressed. Lumos Controls’ solutions ensured a successful project, setting the Ford Design Center on a path to a sustainable and innovative future. 

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