Is it Worth to Add Real Time Clock (RTC) to Your Smart Lighting Ecosystem? 

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Customers today expect instant information exchange! The best way to make fast communication with your customers is to adopt real time communication channels in your business. That’s why Real Time Clock come into smart lighting design to keep the track of time. Does this sound unfamiliar? It really isn’t, but understanding RTC is essential. Let’s dive into more details. 

What is Real Time Clock? 

As the name sounds, Real Time Clock is a digital clock that keeps track of the hours, minutes, seconds, days, months, and even years. RTC is used in personal computers, servers, and embedded systems and are present in every electronic device that may require maintaining an exact time of day. RTC is available as integrated circuits (ICs) powered by a battery. This enables RTCs to continuously operate even when a power supply is turned off or a device is placed in low power mode. RTC include controller, oscillator and an embedded quartz crystal resonator. All these components are engineered together to simplify integration in new design and accelerate time to market. 

The characteristics of RTC are: 

  • It consumes vey less amount of power. 
  • It is more accurate in maintaining time tracking. 
  • It is used in every electronic device  
  • It uses a crystal oscillator that shows time without any error. 
  • It has an alarm function to device any task. 
  • It has a long-lasting battery backup (usually can last for 3 to 4 years). 

RTC in Smart Lighting 

A highly accurate RTC keeps track of the time even when the main power supply is turned off. Without an RTC, the user would need to manually set the time and date every time the device is turned on. The advantage of using an RTC in a smart lighting ecosystem is that precise time can be obtained directly. Also, the RTC module has its own battery back up. So even if the system power is OFF or is reset, the time is not lost. This makes it perfect for smart lighting application. 

Lumos Controls Enor E gateway with RTC 

Enor E is an enterprise-grade gateway with a Wi-Fi and ethernet port, providing safe and secure internet connectivity for smart lighting networks. The device comes with a built-in RTC (Real Time Clock) that keeps the network date and time up to date even after a power outage or without cloud connectivity ensuring uninterrupted scheduling. 

  • The Real-Time Clock (RTC) within the device keeps track of the current time without cloud connectivity or even after a power outage  
  • RTC is powered using a 3VDC CR2032 coin cell battery (10 years battery life)  
  • RTC time gets updated commissioning and also when connected with server  
  • RTC get the time from mobile app during the commissioning, or via manual time setting. Also, from time sync packet in every 30mins when connected with server.  
  • During scheduling, time is shared individually to the device being scheduled. After configuring the schedule, it will broadcast the time across mesh to ensure all devices follow same time 


With the real time communication technologies, lighting control system can reach its maximum potential and customers can take advantage of energy savings, reduced maintenance cost and overall quality. The know-how you will gain from this article will help you consider Real Time Clock in your upcoming projects.  

Still unsure how RTC can contribute to your project needs? 

We are happy to help you. Click here to contact one of our smart lighting experts.  

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