Lighting Controls for Retails: The Secret Sauce for Success! 

Lighting Controls for Retails

Today’s organizations consider  improving customer experience as one of their primary goals. It is well-known that an intelligent lighting  can affect consumer behavior and brand perceptions which is crucial  for a business to succeed.  

Lighting in a retail setting can significantly affect how customers perceive and feel the space. Infact, retail lighting has much more to do beyond just creating a pleasant environment. By implementing lighting control strategies in the retail space, business owners can now influence customer decision-making, but also improve employee comfort, energy savings and convenience.   

In this blog, let us discuss the benefits of implementing lighting controls for retail spaces. 

Improve Security 

It is an undeniable fact that right light increases comfort and well-being. In spaces like parking, storage spaces etc. lighting control strategies ensure required light levels which make occupants feel safer.  

Boost Productivity 

According to studies, employee productivity improved 6% to 16% after setting the right level. Though employees prefer less light, most office spaces are over lit. If the space is extremely bright it produces glares which can result-in visual discomfort. Through appropriate lighting control strategies, it is possible to overcome this issue and make the space comfortable for employees.    

Increase Product Appeal and Sales 

Perfect lighting highlights products and draws immediate customer attention. Appropriate lighting can attract customers and persuade them to make a purchase.  Adding natural lighting above checkouts is an excellent method to improve customer’s mood and boost the likelihood that they will buy things.  

Setting the Right Mood 

Lighting impacts how a customer feel about a product, store and entire shopping experience. Brightness, color rendering, temperature etc. are factors that impact the feel and mood of customers. Brighter lights result in energy and positivity which speed up the shopping experience.  


Architects and manufactures should understand that lighting design enhances the consumer experience and building owners should realize that making a long-term investment in your store’s lighting is worthwhile. Because, from the time a consumer first sees the display window until they leave the shop, lighting significantly enhances their experience. Customers can decide whether to enter a business and test a brand by observing the lighting and aesthetic of the store.   

Need to know how to implement lighting controls in retail destinations? Read it here 

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