Lighting controls in hotels- 5 things you should definitely know!

Lighting Controls has been the hottest topic in the hotel industry for the past few years.   It is inevitable for a hotel infrastructure as it helps hotel owners and guests equally. Over the years, lighting controls has helped save money and has improved energy efficiency by 45%, making it one of the critical factors to keep electricity usage under control.   Moreover, it boosts guest experience through features like dimming control and scene-setting, tailor-made for different spaces in a hotel industry.  

Let us get into the importance of lighting controls in hotel infrastructure and its applicability.

Comfort and Convenience

A hotel lives and dies by the satisfaction of their guest. Implementing smart controls will ensure device automation. For example, guests no longer have to manually operate lights in a washroom or guestroom, incorporated with sensors. The sensors will automatically detect human presence and trigger the control system to act accordingly. This will increase the comfort of the guest, and also reduce unnecessary wastage of electricity.

Streamlined Workflow

Ten years ago, remotely controlling or managing lights was never possible. Nowadays, staff can control lights remotely with ease, which has helped reduce their workload significantly. For ex: If the light needs to be switched off on the 10th floor of the hotel, staff can easily do it by using their desktop from the lobby itself.

Aesthetics and Ambiance                          

Installing Light sensors in areas with optimum daylight availability maximizes the sunlight’s benefits.  Staff and occupants will enjoy benefits including reduced eye strain, better concentration, reduced fatigue, and increased productivity.

The hotel ambiance is crucial for the guest experience, and scene settings help hoteliers create the perfect background for various requirements.  It is easy to recreate an atmosphere for party, dinner, sunrise, or sunset through pre-set schedules, which will make the guest feel more connected and joyful.

Reduced Operational Expense and Energy Cost

Lighting in a hotel accounts for 14.7 % of total energy consumption. This rate is significantly high when comparing with other areas.  Lighting controls will reduce electricity usage without compromising occupant comfort.

The lifespan of a LED light bulbs is subjected to several key factors. Dimming a LED will make them run cooler.   It will help extend the life of the electronic component of the driver as well as the phosphorous of the LED, thereby making them less susceptible for replacement.  In this way, the lighting control will help curb these unwanted operational expenses incurred in a hotel ecosystem.

Moreover, lighting control solution providers nowadays deliver additional features to track and monitor the performance of your lighting network. It helps track the energy usage of individual fixtures and various spaces in a hotel. The reports provided through these can be used as insight for the engineering department to resolve issues and optimize lighting at the base level itself.

Customizable Lighting Requirement

Each space in a hotel has specific lighting requirements. For example, a guest will always prefer to have a cozy, relaxed, and refreshing light setting in a hotel room and a bright & active light in corridors and staircases. Lighting control will help fulfill all these requirements with ease and provide optimized lighting that will help create a perfect guest experience for visitors and save a significant amount of energy from being wasted.


Lighting control is one of the essential key factors in hotel automation. Understanding and integrating these lighting controls in the hotel industry will change the way you run your hotel. It helps create a five-star hotel atmosphere and plays a crucial role in elevating the stylishness of the space. It also helps to create an excellent first impression for the guests which lays the foundation of creating exquisite brand identity.

If you want to know more about lighting controls, feel free to reach out to our team.

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