Lighting Upgrade at XYZ Storage in Toronto


XYZ Storage, located in Ontario, is a reputable storage facility provider offering a wide range of storage solutions to individuals and businesses alike. With a commitment to providing secure, accessible, and well-maintained storage units, XYZ Storage has earned a solid reputation in the industry. Working in collaboration with Carol Electric, we embarked on a mission to address XYZ Storage’s lighting needs, with a focus on optimizing energy efficiency and enhancing the overall lighting experience.


XYZ Storage in Toronto wanted to light up their huge storage areas smartly, so they wouldn’t waste energy and money. And in the parking areas, they aimed to make things safer. They dreamt of lights that knew when to turn on and off all by themselves. Plus, they wanted an easy and quick solution that made life simpler for everyone. And, of course, they wanted to save energy while maintaining a pleasant and welcoming ambiance. 


Lighting up those massive storage spaces was quite a task. Getting all the smart lighting to work smoothly, even in the parking areas, presented challenges. Striking the right balance between saving energy and creating a cozy atmosphere was a bit tricky. Installing everything quickly without causing disruptions was a bit like managing multiple tasks simultaneously. They sought a user-friendly lighting system that everyone could easily operate. Lastly, finding energy-saving solutions without making the place too dim was a complex and demanding challenge. 


To meet the objectives set forth by XYZ Storage, a comprehensive lighting solution was implemented using a range of advanced devices: 

  • Radiar AF10 (2 channel AC powered 0-10V fixture controller with inbuilt relay): This dual-channel dimming and tunable AC fixture controller played a crucial role in managing lighting levels. Mounted discreetly in electrical junction boxes, it enabled precise control without disturbing the ambiance, facilitating easy installation. 
  • Cyrus AP (AC Powered Wireless PIR Motion & Light Sensor): This sensor brought intelligence to lighting control. Capable of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.2 communication, it facilitated high bay PIR motion detection and daylight sensing. The sensor was configured and controlled using a mobile device, ensuring efficient operation. 
  • PSC-DM-I-WS-100-BLE-WS (Bluetooth mesh wall switches): These switches provided automatic lighting control in various indoor spaces, replacing standard single-pole wall switches within the storage facility. Their integration simplified the operation of multiple lighting zones. 
  • EDRPB (Wireless Self-powered 4 Button Switch): A self-powered universal energy harvesting wireless 4 button switch, EDRPB added flexibility to the lighting control system, allowing users to manually adjust lighting settings as needed. 
  • PSC-WCM-450-BLE-WS (Single channel AC powered 0-10V room controller with inbuilt relay): This controller eliminated the need for managing multiple controllers or power packs. With a single 20A relay controller, it enabled centralized control of all storage space lights, enhancing comfort and maximizing energy savings. 
  • Enor E (BLE-WiFi Gateway with Ethernet & RTC): Serving as an enterprise gateway, Enor E established cloud connectivity for the smart lighting network. Equipped with built-in RTC (Real-Time Clock) ensured that network scheduling remained accurate, even in the absence of cloud connectivity or during power outages.  
  • PSC-BL-I-FM-DC0-BLE-WS (Single Channel Dimming PIR Motion Sensor): We brought in the PSC-BL-I-FM-DC0-BLE-WS sensor, running on 12-24VDC power. It aced low bay PIR motion detection and featured precise dimming control (0-10V output), boosting energy efficiency. These devices formed a tailor-made lighting solution, making XYZ Storage more efficient and user-friendly. 


The lighting makeover at XYZ Storage in Toronto was a total win-win. We nailed it! The massive storage areas were now perfectly lit, with the help of smart devices like Radiar AF10 and PSC-DM-I-WS-100-BLE-WS. Energy-saving? Check! Cyrus AP, PSC-WCM-450-BLE-WS, and PSC-BL-I-FM-DC0-BLE-WS made sure lights knew when to switch on and off all by themselves. Parking areas? Much safer now! And the best part? The whole system was easy to install and use. Plus, the place had a pleasant ambiance, all while saving loads of energy.

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