Lumos Controls Completed a Lighting Controls Upgrade of 150,000 Sq.Ft Warehouse within 1.5 Months! 



Ebara wanted their 150,000 sq. ft warehouse to transform their outdated lighting system into a modern, energy-efficient, human-centric solution. They approached Lumos Controls to upgrade to an automated lighting system that would not only reduce energy consumption but also enhance the overall workplace environment. 


  1. Reduce Energy Costs: Implement solutions to lower the overall energy consumption of the Warehouse facility. 
  1. Automated Lighting Controls: upgrade to an automated lighting system that can allow them to control lighting remotely 
  1. Optimize Lighting Experience: Upgrade the lighting infrastructure to provide an efficient and customizable experience for users. 


Timely Installation: 

  • Meeting installation deadlines to avoid disruptions and adhere to project schedules. 

Wiring Complexity: 

  • Managing intricate wiring setups during installation without disrupting ongoing operations. 


After a thorough assessment, our team recommended implementing Radiar D10, Gateways, and Catron IV wireless switches.  

Lumos Controls proposed the following Solution:  

Radiar D10: Installed in key locations, these devices allowed for fine-tuned control over the intensity of the lighting. Employees could customise the brightness of their workspaces, contributing to a more comfortable and productive environment. 

Motion Sensor– These sensors were strategically placed throughout the warehouse to detect occupancy and adjust lighting levels accordingly. This not only enhanced energy efficiency but also ensured that lighting was only active in occupied areas. 

Gateways: The gateway device facilitated seamless communication between all connected devices. It acted as the central control hub, enabling multi-level controls through switches, mobile devices, and web interfaces. 

Catron IV Wireless Switches: These switches were integrated with the existing infrastructure, providing a manual override option for employees when needed. This added a layer of flexibility and convenience, empowering users to control their lighting experience. 


Lumos Controls completed the lighting retrofit project within the stipulated 1.5-month timeframe. The upgraded system not only met the client’s objectives for energy efficiency but also significantly improved the overall workplace experience for employees. 

About Lumos Controls  

Lumos Controls is the world’s simplest smart lighting control that allows you to create exceptional lighting experiences for smart enterprises. The ecosystem features controllers, sensors, switches, gateways, mobile and web apps to set up basic to advanced smart controls. Lumos Controls offers you the freedom to decide what to achieve and how to grow and step into a sustainable future. 

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