Lumos Controls honored with 2022 LEDs Magazine BrightStar award

Laguna Hills, California – June 21, 2022: Lumos Controls, the smart lighting ecosystem from WiSilica, has won LEDs Magazine BrightStar Award. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from LED and lighting design and manufacturing community recognized Lumos Controls for its lighting control ecosystem. 

“On behalf of LEDs Magazine BrightStar Awards panel, I would like to congratulate Lumos Controls on their high-scoring honoree status,” said LEDs Magazine Editorial Director Wanda Lau. “This competitive program allows LEDs Magazine to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products of the past year that are advancing LED and solid-state lighting technology into various applications.”   

“We appreciate the recognition by LEDs Magazine” said Vivek Pramod, Senior Vice President & GM – Smart Controls. “This award affirms our commitment to creating extensive value for lighting controls.” 

Lumos Controls Intelligent lighting control ecosystem drives smarter energy usage with AI-based video analytics. 

PIR or Microwave sensing technologies can generate false triggers causing energy loss. AI-based video analytics accurately detects human motion and filters false triggers. This increases energy savings and enhances occupants’ experience. 

“This will be a powerful upgrade and we strive to continue as a market leader in the lighting industry” he concluded.  

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About Lumos Controls    

Lumos Controls is a smart controls solution from WiSilica, the leading IoT platform and solutions provider. Built on an IoT platform (ARIXA), this solution features most advanced lighting control devices, intuitive interfaces, and versatile edge/cloud computing that are brought together to build an intelligent lighting network that’s future-ready for smart enterprises. Lumos Controls is on a mission to unlock the extraordinary potential of light and give lighting controls a life of its own and beyond. 

Media Contact:  

Gokul Ravindran  

WiSilica Inc.  

23282 Mill Creek Dr #340,  

Laguna Hills,  

CA 92653, USA 

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