Revolutionizing Smart Street Lighting: The Zhaga Connector  

In a rapidly advancing world of technology, where innovation is the driving force behind progress, one game-changing standard has emerged to redefine the future of lighting technology – the Zhaga Connector.  

Imagine a world where smart lighting solutions seamlessly integrate and evolve, just like plugging in a USB drive. The Zhaga Connector, developed by the Zhaga Consortium, sets a new benchmark for lighting technology, embodying principles of interoperability, reduced design complexity, flexibility, and innovation.   

Benefit for Specifiers and End users 

Flexibility and Upgradability 

Standardized connectors make it easy for the end-users to upgrade or replace LED modules in their luminaires. 

Easy availability of Lighting Components  

Using Zhaga controllers, customers don’t need to rely on original suppliers, as light sources can be purchased from multiple suppliers. So, if there is a maintenance or upgradation, specifiers/end users can go for standardized part as it will be available from various suppliers.  

Time and Cost Saving  

Zhaga connector simplifies the installation process by streamlining the integration of lighting components. This helps in faster project completion and cut down project and design cost.  

Benefit for Manufacturers 

Reduced Design Complexity 

Using a standardized connector design, luminaire manufacturers can simplify their design and manufacturing processes, reducing the time and effort required for integration. 

Compatibility Assurance  

With the use of zhaga connectors, manufacturers can reduce the risk of compatibility issues and technical challenges when integrating smart and connected features into their lighting products.  

Zhaga Book 18- Paving the way for compatibility 

Zhaga Book 18 refers to the set of rules that helps make it easy to change LED lights in outdoor lamps like streetlights. It streamlines the process of incorporating devices like sensors and communication nodes into LED luminaires, ensuring effortless plug-and-play interoperability.  

So, if a light stop working, Zhaga Book 18 allows you to change the light quickly without changing the whole lamp.  


Plug-and-play installation process  

Easy integration of sensor and communication nods into LED luminaire  

Ease of upgrades and maintenance without the need to replace the entire fixture  

Lumos Controls Radiar ZP10: 0-10V Zhaga Controller with PIR motion and Daylight sensing 

Lumos Controls takes the Zhaga Connector innovation with the Radiar ZP10 – a wireless multi-sensing controller equipped with BLE5.2 and Zhaga Book 18 connectors. This cutting-edge street lighting technology promises unparalleled performance and functionality. With its fast-mounting options and versatile design, the Radiar ZP10 is poised to revolutionize street lighting systems, enhancing both efficiency and user experience. 


In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, standardization and interoperability have become essential for innovation and progress. The Zhaga connector, backed by the Zhaga Consortium, embodies these principles by providing a standardized interface that simplifies lighting components’ design, installation, and maintenance. As the lighting industry continues to evolve, the Zhaga connector stands as a beacon of collaboration, compatibility, and efficiency, guiding the way toward a brighter, more interconnected future 

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