Serbia Luxe Residence Haven: Illuminating a New Era of Modern Luxury Living


A high-end residence in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia, where luxury seamlessly blends with modern design. This remarkable project involved the construction of a new residential building that not only exuded contemporary elegance and comfort but also aimed to redefine the very essence of lighting within its spaces. Our mission was to enhance the living experience through innovative lighting solutions that would set new standards for modern luxury living.


Within this extraordinary backdrop, our client set forth a series of key objectives. Foremost among these was the creation of luxurious and elegant lighting with utmost comfort. They sought a solution that would seamlessly integrate automation into their lighting system, ushering in a new era of modern luxury living.

Furthermore, the client desired an easy-to-use lighting control system that would offer not only automation, but also simple installation, and the ability to adjust light intensity and CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of luminaires, all while providing the added convenience of controlling the lighting from any mobile device. 


In the context of this new residential construction, we encountered several unique challenges. Given the residence’s contemporary style and meticulously curated ambiance, our primary challenge was to ensure that any installations seamlessly blended into the design plans without disrupting the objective of crafting interior elegance. Simultaneously, we had to address the client’s demand for a swift implementation, making efficient project execution a top priority, all while ensuring an easy-to-maintain solution that wouldn’t burden the client’s staff.


The Radiar ARD 32 emerged as our solution of choice, offering a seamless experience in managing lighting keeping the new standards for modern luxury living. This device allowed us to independently control 32 DALI LED drivers. Its compact design made installation simple, even allowed for customization keeping the designers plan undisturbed and its 3.3VDC input channel enabled communication with external sensors.  

The Radiar ARD4 also played a vital role. Operating on a 100-277 VAC input voltage, this DALI room controller connected to up to 4 DALI LED drivers. It provided flexible control options, all while maintaining the desired ambiance.  

For seamless control over light intensity and CCT of luminaires, the Catron AI came into play. It acted as a compact switch interface, connecting to switches and dimmers, allowing for control from any mobile device with its built-in Bluetooth module. 

The Radiar AFD1/4 DALI Fixture Controller was used as well. Operating on a 90-277VAC input voltage range, it connected to 4 DALI LED drivers and featured an auxiliary output to power sensors. 

Thanks to the compact designs of these solutions, installation was swift and efficient.


The result of this innovative transformation was nothing short of success. The high-end residence now runs smoothly and efficiently. Residents are enjoying the elegant smart lighting with the new standards of luxury living. This case study serves as an inspiring testament to the power of smart lighting solutions, paving the way for similar projects to create safer, more efficient, and beautifully lit spaces. 

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