Transforming Yidian Head Office with Wireless Lighting Controls and Curtain Control Automation  


Yidian, an office complex and retail establishment nestled alongside the picturesque Shang Ao Dang Canal in the vibrant Xuhui district of southwestern Shanghai, embarked on an ambitious journey to revamp one of its flagship head offices. In pursuit of their renovation vision, they turned to Lumos Controls, for their expertise in transforming spaces. 


Yidian head office sought to modernize their lighting system and automate their curtains for remote control. Lumos Controls swiftly delivered the perfect solution, enabling them to achieve precise CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) adjustments and efficient remote curtain automation. 

The Challenge: 

Yidian faced the challenge of completing the project within a tight deadline, aiming to finish it as soon as possible. 

The Solution: 

Lumos Controls proposed a comprehensive lighting solution that addressed all the requirements which Yidian was looking for.  

Lumos Controls proposed the following Solution: 

To meet our curtain control needs, we’ve implemented the SBM Smart Curtain system, curtain motor controller that operates using the RS485 protocol. This versatile solution enables precise control over a variety of window treatments, including drapery, roller shades, and wood blinds. 

To craft the perfect ambiance for Yidian, we seamlessly integrated Lumos Controls cutting-edge lighting technology into Yidian’s lighting system. 

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the 5-channel PWD controller (Radiar DP5) and the AC-powered 0-10V fixture controller (Radiar AF10,) we achieved exceptional control and precision in Yidian’s lighting design. 

The Radiar DP5 stands out for its remarkable color adjustment performance, offering the flexibility of both manual and automated control over LED light color and brightness. This allows us to fine-tune the lighting to meet Yidian’s specific requirements, ensuring a harmonious and captivating environment. 

On the other hand, the Radiar AF10 enhances the ambiance by providing wireless control over intensity and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). This means they can seamlessly adjust the lighting’s brightness and color temperature to achieve the ideal atmosphere, all with the convenience of wireless technology. 

The Results: 

The transformation at Yidian Head Office is nothing short of remarkable. Lumos Controls delivered a state-of-the-art lighting and curtain control system that has modernized the space, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. With the ability to fine-tune lighting color, brightness, and curtain settings remotely, Yidian now enjoys a sophisticated, efficient, and captivating office environment along the picturesque Shang Ao Dang Canal in the vibrant Xuhui district of Shanghai. This project stands as a testament to Lumos Controls’ expertise in space transformation, meeting the unique needs of its clients and delivering solutions that truly illuminate their spaces. 

About Lumos Controls  

Lumos Controls is the world’s simplest smart lighting control that allows you to create exceptional lighting experiences for smart enterprises. The ecosystem features controllers, sensors, switches, gateways, mobile and web apps to set up basic to advanced smart controls. Lumos Controls offers you the freedom to decide what to achieve and how to grow and step into a sustainable future. 

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