Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre Lighting Upgrade: Lumos Controls Delivers Energy Efficiency and Enhanced Ambience

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Named after the legend of Ice Hockey, Wayne Gretzky, the sports centre is Brantford’s primary sports and leisure facility with a main line of 347V. The NHL-sized four ice rinks, with an indoor track on the second floor and the main arena, seat approximately 1,000 people. They were looking for enhanced energy cost savings, ambience, lighting experience and local switching, so they decided on a lighting upgrade and contacted Lumos Controls. 


  1. Reduce Energy Costs: Implement solutions to lower the overall energy consumption of the sports facility. 
  1. Improve Ambience: Enhance the overall atmosphere and aesthetics to elevate the customer experience. 
  1. Optimize Lighting Experience: Upgrade the lighting infrastructure to provide an efficient and customizable experience for users. 


Timely Installation: 

  • Meeting installation deadlines to avoid disruptions and adhere to project schedules. 

Wiring Complexity: 

  • Managing intricate wiring setups during installation without disrupting ongoing operations. 


After a thorough assessment, our team recommended implementing Radiar D10, Gateways, and Catron IV wireless switches.  

Lumos Controls proposed the following Solution:  

  1. Radiar D10: This 0-10V controller not only promised significant energy savings but also provided the flexibility to adjust color temperature (CCT) and intensity according to specific requirements. 
  1. Gateways: Enor U is a communication hub that connects all the lighting components into the Lumos Control Ecosystem, enabling remote control and monitoring from anywhere.  
  1. Catron IV Wireless Switches: We integrated Catron IV, a wireless self-powered 4-button switch, to provide an intuitive and convenient control mechanism. It allowed users to easily adjust lighting settings according to their preferences without any complex wiring. 


Lumos Controls completed the project in just three days. Our wireless controls enabled easy installation and commissioning of devices. The easy-to-use mobile app ensured the control of devices from multiple locations. There are huge savings on energy bills, and the customer is now happy about the convenience and effortless management of the entire lighting network. 

About Lumos Controls  

Lumos Controls is the world’s simplest smart lighting control that allows you to create exceptional lighting experiences for smart enterprises. The ecosystem features controllers, sensors, switches, gateways, mobile and web apps to set up basic to advanced smart controls. Lumos Controls offers you the freedom to decide what to achieve and how to grow and step into a sustainable future. 

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