From Model House to 13,000 Smart Apartments: How Smart Lighting Sold the Dream


Royal Park City Prugio Wanggil Station stands as an upcoming project—a visionary apartment complex in Korea designed to house 13000 households across 6 complexes. The client’s requirement was to create a model house, a tangible preview of the future apartments for potential buyers. Lumos Controls, in collaboration with B2 Co. Ltd., Korea via AL Solutions, embarked on this endeavor to bring the envisioned model house to life.


The main goal was to create a model house that attracted potential buyers, igniting their imagination about their future homes. Lumos Controls took up the challenge to bring this vision to life, infusing innovation beyond just lighting. The primary focus was to provide tunable white fixtures enabling warm-cool lighting with dimming control—a blend of automation, flexibility, and luxury that would enchant future residents.


Our main challenge was installing the lighting solutions without altering the design plans or the structure of the model house. Placing lighting controls in specific areas like the octagonal and rectangle barisole, conference room, and VIP room required careful execution to avoid disruptions. Creating a luxurious feel in the VIP Garden and room using lighting was tricky. Achieving this fine balance between elegance and preserving the original design called for some serious thinking!


So, here’s what we proposed! To meet the above objectives and challenges, we brought in the ARD-32 DALI Module and the Catron V Switch. Let me break it down for you. The ARD-32 DALI Module was our top-notch smart solution—a controller managing up to 32 lights, providing customizable warm-cool lighting with excellent dimming control. How did it help? Well, it blended automation with flexibility, allowing us to create the perfect lighting atmosphere without disturbing the model house’s layout.

Pairing up with this standout solution was the Catron V Switch – battery-powered Wireless 5 Button Remote. This switch took charge of ON/OFF, intensity, and color temperature. Why was it crucial? Because it allowed us to control individual or grouped lights without drilling into walls or changing the setup. Plus, its wall-mount feature seamlessly blended with the design, giving seamless control option.


These solutions were the perfect fit! They showcased innovative lighting, ensuring comfort in future homes. The model houses lit up beautifully and the ease of controlling the lights made a remarkable difference, attracting potential buyers’ attention and significantly boosting sales.

This model house project paved the way for the initiation of constructing 13,000 Royal Park City Prugio Apartments. Following the apartment construction, our plan is to implement the same smart lighting solutions throughout all apartments.

About Lumos Controls

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